Crafting a Healthy Morning Routine for Your Wellbeing

In a Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show, the main character had a consistent morning routine and a predictable life. His signature line which he spouted daily to his neighbors was: “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

One of the reasons Truman’s life was so consistent and predictable was because, unbeknownst to him, his life was a television show that viewers across the globe tuned in to watch. He lived his life on a set, a contained space, which was tightly regulated.

Most of us will likely not have lives that are as well regimented as Truman’s. Our lives may be a little too chaotic and unstructured, causing frustration and a feeling of being unproductive. It is not possible or desirable to have the exact and predictable life that Truman had, but having some structure, and a daily routine, can make a world of difference.

The value of a healthy morning routine

Most people have jobs that start in the morning, and that means the most demanding part of the day is just as it is starting. You will want to launch right into things, and to get your tasks done with excellence and as efficiently as possible. As a bonus, it would be great if you had the energy to face the day with a sense of purpose and energy.

The benefit of having a healthy morning routine is that it can boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and it can help you be more productive at work. When you have structure for your day, you do not have to wake up each morning and think about what you are going to be doing. That is wasting precious time, and it can be stressful doing that each morning. Also, if you wake up to a routine, it will help you to feel more in control of your day.

Additionally, a morning routine can help you seed healthy habits in your life. It can take time to become consistent with healthy habits like praying, eating well, or getting some exercise. Having a dedicated time set aside for those habits each morning can help you make them well-worn habits that form an integral part of your life.

Creating your own

One of the essential steps in setting up your morning routine is to consider what is most important to you. A person’s morning routine ought to reflect their priorities and the various pressures that they face daily. A morning routine can include activities designed to care for your physical and emotional health, as well as getting yourself ready for the day ahead.

The second step is to consider your time. Some people have routines that are half an hour long, while for others it is around ninety minutes. The morning routine includes everything from waking up, exercising, eating, meditating, showering, and anything else you would want to bring peace and wholeness to your life. There is no use in a lengthy routine if you are never going to stick to it. Create a routine that you will be able to follow consistently.

Your morning routine can consist of elements such as:

  • Waking up at the same time each morning.
  • Hydrating yourself to kick-start your day.
  • Getting some stretching or another form of exercise in.
  • Spending some time praying, reading Scripture, reviewing your day, or journaling.
  • Having your breakfast.
  • Getting dressed and ready for your day.

As you kick start your journey, you should keep a few things in mind. Your routine will likely not be perfect right off the bat. It will take time for you to settle into a routine that works for you in terms of its length and the various elements in it. Being flexible with your routine as you settle into it will help you immensely. Give yourself time to adjust your routine, to make it truly your own and something that works well for you.

In addition to being flexible, a good morning routine requires that you address any issues that can sabotage it. For instance, going to bed at a consistent time helps you get up at a consistent time in the morning.

Also, if you have your phone next to your bed, it can be tempting to wake up and scroll through social media first thing instead of getting on with your day. Using an alarm clock and creating guidelines for your electronic device use can help immensely.

Lastly, a morning routine also requires consistency. Habits stick best when they are kept up over time. Accountability helps create consistency. Have a friend regularly ask you how you are executing your routine or use a checklist. Build in rewards when you meet consistency targets.

Reaping the benefits of a morning routine will likely motivate you to lean into it more. A well-executed morning routine will help you enjoy your day more, and to enter it with a greater sense of purpose.

It is not always easy to get there alone. You might discover that you need the assistance of a trained counselor in Newport Beach, California to reach a more wholehearted way of living through simple routines. Sometimes deeply rooted habits, patterns, or issues stand in the way of motivation or discipline. Reach out to our office today at Newport Beach Christian Counseling and we will connect you to a trained counselor in Newport Beach who can walk with you on the journey.

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