Christian Counseling for Women

As modern-day Christian women, we face trials and joys. We encounter daily challenges and sometimes we ride a roller coaster of emotions. Christian counseling for women can help anyone looking for stability and balance in the ups and downs of life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Newport Beach Christian Counseling can offer tools and resources to help you live a victorious life as you walk with God.

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Women play many different roles in life. Sometimes we struggle to balance being a daughter, wife, mother, and friend. It can be difficult to invest in loved ones while also reaching for a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose. When you need to be refreshed and seek growth, Christian counseling can provide a peaceful place.

We offer faith-based counseling for women of all ages. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, motherhood, pregnancy or relationship issues, Newport Beach Christian Counseling is a safe place to seek help and recovery.

At Newport Beach Christian Counseling, You Can Expect:

  • Compassionate support. Women’s Christian counseling offers an environment of trust and safety. You can feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and desires here. We aren’t here to judge but to help you walk in wellness as you walk in Christ.
  • Solutions for change. We want to help you heal. We want to help you grow. We do this in a variety of ways, and our methods are tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Dedication and experience. We have experience serving women of many ages and backgrounds. We are committed to helping you build a strong and happy future.
  • Faith-based healing. Faith in Christ is the foundation at Newport Beach Christian Counseling. We look to Jesus in everything we do. We know the joys and struggles of faith, so you can express your faith openly here, too.

If you are in the Newport Beach area and you are looking for Christian women’s counseling, we are waiting for you. Counseling for issues specific to women is just part of what happens here. We service all genders, ages,and backgrounds here at Newport Beach Christian Counseling.

Common Focus Areas

Women who seek Christian counseling are looking for support in situations of abuse, eating disorders, self-esteem,and many other issues.

Here at Newport Beach Christian Counseling, we serve women who are struggling with:

Anxiety and Depression

Women are twice as likely as men to struggle with an anxiety disorder. They are also twice as likely to suffer from depression. Postpartum depression is one example that is a female-specific mental health issue.Our therapies treat your unique needs and help you continue to walk in the victory and peace of Christ.

Relationships and Marriage

Because men and women think differently and have different needs, relationships can be difficult. If you are struggling with successful communication or other relationship issues, we can provide you with faith-based counseling to help you build understanding and stronger connections.

Sexual Addiction/Love Addiction

Sexual addictions are typically associated with men.While pornography may be a male-dominated issue, women struggle with it as well. Even more, women often struggle with a form of sexual addiction called love addiction.

If you struggle with a sexual addiction or love addiction, we offer non-judgmental help. Newport Beach Christian counseling can be a safe place to come for healing the deep wounds that sometimes contribute to a sexual addiction, helping you live in harmony with your Christian beliefs.


Pregnancy changes everything, and sometimes women deal with emotional issues that make it difficult to enjoy the prospect of motherhood. Trained counselors can help you with unexpected struggles you have, such as depression, anxiety or other pregnancy-related conditions.


Infertility can have a huge effect on women and their relationships. Those who struggle with infertility may feel isolated or unable to share their feelings of pain and sadness. A counselor can provide a listening ear and a safe place to share your emotions.


Miscarriage is a painful loss that many don’t understand. It can go unnoticed or unacknowledged by loved ones. It can cause misunderstandings in relationships. Those who have had a miscarriage often struggle alone in their grief. The counselors at Newport Beach Christian Counseling are here to help you through your grief and help you move toward a peaceful recovery, rooted in Christ.


When you become a parent, you can sometimes be hit with unexpected stress and surprising challenges. Sometimes our own negative childhood issues surface. Adjusting to parenthood isn’t always easy to manage alone. Newport Beach Christian Counseling offers faith-based counseling for new and experienced mothers.

Chemical Dependency

Addiction is a form of bondage that can happen to almost anyone. Struggling with a substance addiction affects every area of life. Newport Beach Christian Counseling can offer tools for lasting recovery. We are here to help you fight chemical dependency so you can go on to live free of addiction.

Eating Disorders

It’s not uncommon for women to struggle with issues relating to body image. We sometimes connect our self-worth with the beauty standards of our culture.An eating disorder can sometimes be the result.

Eating disorders can also be rooted in past sexual abuse, which affects nearly one in three women. Christian counseling for women will help you discover the causes of your eating disorder and deal with the painful issues you face. A trained, compassionate counselor can then help you learn to see yourself through eyes of love and truth.

Crisis Counseling

If you have experienced a crisis, we are here for you. Newport Beach Christian Counseling can be a safe place for you to process the trauma and all the emotions that go along with it. We can help women who struggle with issues such as grief, loss, sexual abuse, or anything that prevents you from living fully.

Work and Careers

Women often must balance family, career and more. If you are struggling with your personal or professional life, we are here to listen and help. If you feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed with life, Newport Beach Christian Counseling can help you find solutions.

Spiritual Development

Newport Beach Christian Counseling can offer support for the spiritual needs women face. You may want someone to help you understand your purpose and potential as a Christian woman. Perhaps you are dealing with faith issues and need someone to help you find answers. We want to help you on your unique path.

The Christian life isn’t easy – and sometimes we make it harder for ourselves.We keep a mental checklist and feel that we need to be perfect for God to love us. We all need help understanding and applying God’s promises, so we can walk in truth and victory. We are here to help you face your struggles, wherever you are in your journey with Christ.

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Here at Newport Beach Christian Counseling, you will find hope and help as you walk with Christ. Growth doesn’t happen all at once – it’s a journey. We have compassion for those that struggle or have questions along the way. Christian counseling for women can help you walk in freedom so you can be all you were meant to be in Christ.

Any dedicated counseling office can assist with mental and emotional health issues, but Newport Beach Christian Counseling for women is unique. Our approach is faith-based and God-centered.Jesus Christ is our reason and our example as we help women heal and find out what it means to be a woman of God.

As Christian women, we are still exposed to the pressures of sin, pain,and illness. Christian counseling for women desires to help you as you live your Christian life. Whoever you are and whatever your struggles, we offer you a place free from judgment. Our passion is to help women reach healing, restoration,and fulfillment in Christ.

FAQ About Christian Counseling For Women’s Issues

If you feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with life, Christian counseling may be helpful for you. Whether your struggles seem simple or stem from deep-rooted issues, Christian counseling has proven effective for many women who came for healing and growth.

We don’t set limits on women that seek counseling here, but we will gladly discuss your goals for treatment. The duration of counseling depends on your unique issues and your interest in treatment. We are committed to your complete recovery and restoration according to God’s timing.

Yes. Christian counseling for teens can guide young adults into understanding how to resist pressures, give and receive love, and grow as women of God.

We have both trained women and men counselors available. This is your decision, based on your needs and comfort level.You can browse our counselor profiles to find the best counselor for your unique situation.

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Newport Beach Christian Counseling provides women of all backgrounds and ages a peaceful place of guidance and support.To learn more about Christian women’s counseling or to schedule your risk-free initial session, contact us online or give us a call at 949-386-7178.

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