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What is Chemical Dependency, Anyway? A Closer Look

Among lower income and homeless populations, easy access to drugs fuels the addiction crisis. For some, addiction to prescription pain relievers eventually leads to heroin use once the habit is no longer financially sustainable. Every day increasing numbers of addicts die from an overdose, but the chemical dependency epidemic cannot be blamed exclusively on easy […]

What are the Symptoms of Depression? Find Out Here

“Am I depressed?” This question comes up a lot in conversation nowadays, even when speaking casually. It’s part of our cultural language. “That’s really depressing!” “Wow, I’m so depressed about this.” Being in a state of depression seems almost normal. The word is used in everyday conversations and is in some ways an expected part […]

OCD Definition: Signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Are you plagued by fear? Do you engage in rituals motivated by superstition? How do you know if these are normal or are symptoms of a clinical disorder? The general public is grossly uneducated when it comes to understanding obsessive-compulsive disorder. The acronym OCD is tossed about flippantly today, being used to describe behaviors as […]

Getting Over an Affair: Can Christian Marriages Survive Infidelity?

Possibly the worst betrayal you can experience is having your spouse choose to get his or her needs met outside of your marriage, whether those needs are physical or emotional. Is it possible for a Christian marriage to recover from an affair? What does forgiveness look like? Where is the hope in this situation? The […]

3 Strategies for Gaining Control Over Anxiety Symptoms

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, at least 6.8 million adults (3.1% of America’s population) are affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). When you are suffering from GAD, anything can get you worried. More often than not, you end up worried about things that do not even make sense. So much so […]

Can People Pleasing Lead to Marriage Problems?

People pleasing is more prevalent than you might think. At its core, it can often be viewed as a good thing. Taking responsibility for your actions, seeking to treat people with respect, kindness and generosity – these things are good, right? The problem is, when the ultimate goal starts to become ‘keeping people happy all […]