Dr. Angela Hanford, Ph.D.

(949) 281-3242

Often the challenges we face cause us to feel stuck in a rut of discouragement or despondency. When this happens, it can be difficult to pull ourselves out of the darkness and back into the light. This is where meeting with a Christian counselor can make all the difference. Having someone you can trust who understands the issues you’re facing and who can offer effective, faith-based techniques for overcoming your hurdles can be a great benefit. Over the years I’ve seen God do amazing work in the lives of my clients, and I trust He can and will do the same for you.

My Goal as a Christian Counselor

My goal as a Christian counselor is to help you gain freedom from your struggles so you can live life to the fullest as God intended. Nobody needs to live an unfulfilling life. Help is available. In sessions I will help you learn how to have meaningful and healthy relationships with others. We will also work toward gaining a strong sense of self-awareness so you can develop effective coping techniques to learn on your own after counseling.

What I Offer in Christian Counseling

I offer a safe place for you to feel understood. During our initial session, I will work with you to understand why you are seeking counseling and what you hope to accomplish through it. Together we will seek to identify the root causes of your concerns, then develop a treatment plan to help you achieve an overall sense of well-being. We will work toward overcoming any obstacles you face so you can enjoy the life God has given you.

My Approach to Christian Counseling

My approach is very relational, regardless of which counseling methods and techniques I am using. I take cues from my clients to determine which direction we will go in order to best meet their individual needs.Spiritually speaking, our relationship with God is impacted by how we see ourselves and relate to others. As such, experiencing emotional healing can help us develop a deeper relationship with God. One of my goals is for you to experience a joy in Christ that overflows into every area of your life.